About Enaltecer 

Enaltecer Education Consulting is a woman-owned firm that specializes in professional development for multilingual learner achievement. Our comprehensive services are customized to build educator capacity in serving linguistically diverse students through an asset-based mindset. We promote educational equity, and celebrate linguistic diversity as a valuable asset. Our consultants bring decades of combined experience as ESL teachers, instructional coaches, program coordinators, district leaders, and college professors. What sets us apart is our focus on building sustainable capacity from the ground up. Rather than one-time workshops, we prioritize long-term partnerships supporting systemic change. Through hands-on in-person or virtual workshops, job-embedded coaching, professional development, and collaborative curriculum development, we equip educators with research-based strategies that capitalize on MLLs' cultural and linguistic funds of knowledge. Educators gain insights into culturally sustaining pedagogy, differentiated instruction, data-driven decisions, language acquisition, and more. Our interactive approach ensures new skills are applied authentically. We partner with schools to thoughtfully design or review curricula, instructional materials, and assessments to be inclusive, accessible, and affirming of MLLs' identities at all proficiency levels. Ongoing professional development sustains learning through coaching cycles, online courses, and tailored training aligned to each district's goals. Enaltecer's mission is creating classroom environments where MLLs feel welcomed, valued, and supported to reach their highest potential as bilinguals and multilinguals. Our consulting builds educators' capacity to leverage an asset-based perspective as the foundation for student success.

About Our Founder

Meet Tyler 

Tyler M. Ramey, founder of Enaltecer Education Consulting, is an international teacher trainer, who has spent nearly two decades in the field of TESOL. Her wide range of experience and commitment to high-quality, equitable education was the driving force behind the creation of Enaltecer. The name "Enaltecer," derived from Spanish, perfectly embodies her vision, meaning "to elevate", “to enhance” or "to uplift." Just as the name suggests, Tyler aims to uplift educators, students, and educational systems by providing tailored consulting services focused on enhancing instruction and accelerating the achievement of Multilingual Learners. Her ultimate goal is making a meaningful impact in the field of education.

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