Our Services

Professional Development 

Elevate instructional practice through our tailored professional development pathways. Workshops explore multilingual learner-focused topics. Our collaborative sessions prioritize immediate transfer to classroom application.

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Book Enaltecer Education Consulting for keynotes, seminars, and conference sessions. We deliver compelling presentations grounded in practical insights from years of diverse classroom experiences. 

Curriculum Development

Partner with us to thoughtfully evaluate, redesign or develop multilingual learner-centered curriculum from an asset-based approach. Transform your curriculum with our expert guidance. We specialize in developing, revising, and enhancing ESL curricula to align with current standards and best practices.


We provide personalized one-on-one or small group coaching to refine implementation of new strategies. Our coaches provide expert guidance in supporting instruction to drive multilingual learner achievement. Both in-person and virtual options are available.  

Online Courses 

Build competencies on your own schedule and access courses anywhere for seamless, job-embedded professional growth. Our virtual learning platforms make meaningful development easily accessible.
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